Session 1 – WHAT is Timeless? Click here to download Bible Text: Joshua 4:1-3, Joshua 4:19-24 | Ryan Rench   Session 2 – WHY Be Timeless? Click here to download Click here to download Bible Text: Joshua 24 | John Lande   Session 3 – HOW To Stay Timeless Click here to download […]


Bro. John Lande is on staff at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK, under the leadership of Pastor Jason Gaddis, who preached at our 2012 Preaching Rally. Bro. Lande is the director of the Heartland Singles Class, a class of over 300 single students who attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. Bro. […]

Last Sunday we unveiled the theme for the 2013 Preaching Rally: TIMELESS. Now what in the world does TIMELESS mean? From Romans 16:17–20 we learned of Paul’s passion for doctrine and his encouraging the believers to “mark” anyone with contrary doctrine. Apparently in his day, much like today, false teachers were lying to the masses, […]