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Click here to download the PDF of the “Theme Announcement” letter mailed Dec. 10, 2016. December 10, 2016 Dear Pastor and Youth Director, Like you, I am SoCal through and through. I begrudgingly admit, though, that almost nothing surpasses the beauty of Central and Northern California. Yosemite is breathtaking. The redwoods are awe-inspiring. The giant […]

SESSION 1 – DO SOMETHING SPECIAL Click here to listen. Right-click to download.   SESSION 2 – DO SOMETHING STRONG Click here to listen. Right-click to download.   SESSION 3 – DO SOMETHING SELFLESS Click here to listen. Right-click to download.

Please be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Preaching Rally. See the postcard graphic below… PR16-postcard-front PR16-postcard-back

Pastor Michael Jones was saved at the age of six during a revival service at Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Kentucky. Upon surrendering to the call to preach at the age of seventeen, he preached his first sermon in a local church two weeks later and has continued to preach since that time. In 2000, […]

  Dear Pastor and Youth Director, Teens face many problems today. Many problems. Probably more than we will ever know. One of the main problems, though, is the issue we are addressing with our 2015 Preaching Rally: Gender Identity. What modernists are leaving up to choice–our gender–God has clearly defined. We as humans express God’s […]

Feel free to use the following graphics in any way you desire. Please email us for Photoshop and Indesign source files.     PR15-handouts (PDF Download) PR15-poster (PDF Download)

Dear Pastor and Youth Director, I am sure you noticed it, too. The year 2014 was the worst year I have ever seen. People worked very hard this past year to blur the distinctions between men and women. Men became less masculine and women became less feminine. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that he is […]

You Are Invited… Pastor and youth director, Please consider coming to this year’s Preaching Rally hosted by Calvary Baptist Church in Temecula, CA. We would be honored to have your group join us for our fifth annual Preaching Rally as we tackle a crucial topic. Teens need the stability of God’s Word in their lives. […]

Bro. Rick Williams is on staff at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK under Pastor Jason Gaddis’ leadership. Bro. Williams leads the Heartland Couples class as well as overseeing several other ministries. In addition to his duties at church, Bro. Williams also teaches classes at Heartland Baptist Bible College, including Advanced Homiletics in the […]

Session 1 – WHAT is Timeless? Click here to download Bible Text: Joshua 4:1-3, Joshua 4:19-24 | Ryan Rench   Session 2 – WHY Be Timeless? Click here to download Click here to download Bible Text: Joshua 24 | John Lande   Session 3 – HOW To Stay Timeless Click here to download […]

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