Dear Pastor and Youth Director,
I am sure you noticed it, too. The year 2014 was the worst year I have ever seen. People worked very hard this past year to blur the distinctions between men and women. Men became less masculine and women became less feminine. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that he is gay. Facebook introduced scores of gender options instead of “limiting” a person to male or female. California became famous for the legislation that is removing restrictions on men entering women’s bathrooms if they feel like a woman that day.
This is not right, and Christians need to know why. No, we are not those fools of Westboro Baptist Church who picket with their hateful “God hates homosexuals” signs. No, we are not homophobic, as if we are somehow afraid of homosexuals or their beliefs. No, we are not personally condemning homosexuals.
God, in His Word, addresses the issues of mankind. God has a view on homosexuality just like He has a view on adultery, lying, taking His name in vain and stealing. God condemns sin, yes, but He has not called us to bring the condemnation down on everyone else who doesn’t believe like us.
So what are we to do? As Christians, if we are not to be condemning of others, what IS our role? What is your role?
Your role is to lovingly live out God’s design for your life. If you are a Christian man, God has a specific role for you to fulfill as a 100% masculine man. If you are a Christian woman, God has a specific role for you to fulfill as a 100% feminine woman.
The 2015 Preaching Rally is a one-day youth conference devoted entirely to communicating God’s message to Christian young men and women. As culture blasts away at Christians’ consciences through every avenue it can find, the wise Christian will place himself under as much biblical truth as possible. The wise Christian will saturate his mind with truth.
Join us in our one-day crusade against those who would blur the distinctions between men and women. Bro. Rick Williams will be preaching three sessions on the topic. One session will be a gender split session with Mrs. Anna Williams speaking to the ladies. Cost is $5/person and includes a late lunch and a snack, as well as a gift from our church. Preaching sessions start at 11am on Saturday, February 21, 2015 and conclude at 3:30pm. For more information, please visit
Please register online as soon as possible. I cannot wait to see you! Join us in prayer even now.

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